Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Digital Fun!

I’m a fan of digital scrapbooking and seem to go in and out of phases where I’ll create a lot with digital and then I get away from it for a bit.

I was looking for some cool freebies out there, and my goodness are there a LOT of wonderfully talented and generous digital image artists out there!

I created this today in the middle of working my everyday job…

Adayin           the gorgeous lace background I found for FREE at Wishing on a Starr 

                            and the scrolly detail on the picture at Kelly Jos

                                     Beautiful gorgeous baby picture by Heather C. King Photography

This journey to find digital scrapbooking elements today all began because I found this beautiful blog… A Creative Mint who has amazingly gorgeous photos and drop-dead gorgeous digital frames and this one  really caught my eye…

aaabook                                                                                Pretty! Pretty!

  I wanted a digital book like this one for my blogging pictures and so I started googling…

                    I never found one, does anyone out there have any leads for me?

                                               What are your favorite digital sites?


  1. What a great picture .. I love doing pictures on scrapblog.com where you can obtain backgrounds, elment stickers, etc. Quite often I will work something up and then put it on my blog. h
    Have you been there?

  2. Digital-smiggital! I'm looking at Madison and seeing how big she is getting! She is just a doll, Suzie! And she looks just like the head-doll in the lamp I made for you! She is precious, I'll bet your are having a fun time with her! Have a great week,