Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still being a Cowgirl…

Hi, friends! i continued on my cowgirl crafting a bit this weekend, in between working captioning the latest news stories about the terrible oil slick that’s going to damage our environment and the averted bomb scare in nyc!

there were a few good things, however, one of the baby eaglets has hatched and he’s adorable! his name is phoenix!

did you go to the live webcam to see the eagles on hornby island? i have the link two posts below!

Anyways, as i said, i did get a bit of crafting in too and i wanted to share a few images of more scrapbook pages i’ve finished…

apaper 002 i found these paper letters at canton on friday, and i knew they’d be perfect for these scrapbook pages for the paper cowgirl swap i’m doing for creating scrapbook pages so each cowgirl at the art retreat can create a memory book of our weekend together in june!

a little glitter, ok, a lot of glitter, and i’m smilin’!

(i didn’t realize glitter was all over me until we went to olive garden and my daughter, the waitress, said mom, you look like you’re trying to be a teenager! there’s glitter all over you!) ha!

apaper 003  i felt like a free spirit crafter this afternoon, so i saw some unused pattern paper and i thought, hmmmm…. a flower!

and a glittered button, and i’m feelin’ happy!

so one down, and time for another one…

apaper 005this paper was all-american, just like this cowgirl, so i was thinking p and c for paper cowgirl, ok….

maybe smaller this time, way smaller!

looking at the little letters, i saw a banner, yes, i did!

so that’s what had to be…

apaper 008and a bit, just a teeny amount more glitter…

apaper 004i’m happiest when i just let the crafting spirits drive me, aren’t you too?

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  1. Hey glad you came out to Canton and paid us a visit!! We got back late last night and I am still in my pj's as I type!!! I am so glad that you are the one that bought the sweet lil rose box....and I loved that it had the lil soap in it!! The pic you showed of it was sooooo good!! Guess I better go and get busy as we leave for Hico Wed. Happy Junkin.....Cathy