Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Cake!

I was on my daily zip through pretty blogs yesterday and visited the sweet Elizabeth at Creative Breathing and, as usual, was blown away by her abundant creativity, especially when it comes to felt creations, well, I shouldn’t say “especially” because her cute scrap creations are just as stunning.

I was thinking OH HOW CUTE is this adorable felt cake…

acake12                Elizabeth is so sweet and shares the tutorial on her blog to make this..

                      Plus it has the sweetest story about her husband’s birthday to boot! 

Seeing this adorable cake, it got me thinking how cakes are so perfect! Cakes are there in all the celebrations in life!

Cakes bring happiness…

There are cakes made for baby showers…

acake2                                       Tutorial for diaper cake found at Homemade by Jill

Cakes are celebrations of the best moments of life…

Our wedding would rank up there, and you never forget how beautiful your cake was!

 acake14                                                      Source

It is no wonder we want to craft cakes, they remind us of happy days full of fun, smiles, and laughter!

I thought this too with this triple decker felt cake with CANDLES….

acake5                                                                        Tutorial at IKAT BAG

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and FTE can ring by doorbell and delivered this cake to me! I’d be THRILLED!…

acake11                                                          Order yours 1-800-FLOWERS

Whether I’m celebrating a birthday with family, friends, or a special occasion I always

need a decadent never fail cake to spice it up and one of my faves and my most requested from friends to bring along cake recipe is this one…

                          Paula Deen's Grandmother Paul's Red Velvet Cake

                     I usually leave the nuts out of the icing, my friends and I

                           just want the sweet icing straight! YUM!

                      Yes, cakes are glorious   


                 reminders of moments of                        


                     Celebration in our lives!


  1. Truly Amazing! Those were all beautiful! I love the diaper cake... Actually I love all of them!

  2. Red velvet cake is my personal favorite! :)

    Thank for these lovely images.

    Happy Mother's Day to You!


  3. Mmmmm, cake!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe for your red velvet cake. I've never had red velvet cake, so this is the perfect opportunity to try it out :-)

    Thanks for participating in our giveaway and for working so hard to spread the word!! :-)

    Good luck!!


  4. Oh that felted cake is so cute!

    Victoria xx

  5. WOW! That felt cake is adorable! I need to check out her blog. Thank you so so much Suzie for the book and goodies you sent me! They are just as precious as can be! I'm posting it today on my blog!

  6. My husband and I still dream about our wedding cake. It was lovely AND tasted so good. :)

  7. Oh what cute cakes! The wedding cake is so romantic and lovely
    and the little happy cakes are cute as can be.
    However, I wouldn't mind a big ole slice of Paula's cake. I have a confession to make. When I make a cake and serve it I always sneek back into the kitchen and put an extra slab of icing on mine! LOL
    I would rather eat the icing that the cake!

    Great post. Now, I'm hungry for cake!


  8. Hi Suzie, This is the cutest post ever! Oh my gosh do I ever want the FTD cake! Or at least I will save this image and make one myself. How sweet of you to post my cake fella. He turned out so cute, I just love him! He was inspired by Magpie-Ethel's collection of birthday candles. Such a lovely blog, I am so happy to have found you! Elizabeth