Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tool Tuesday?

Yes, I'm going to be late posting my tool today because my daughter took my camera yesterday to take pictures of this cutie...(seen here on her birthday at Easter)
                   at the Dallas World Aquarium, so I have to wait for it's return here in a few hours.
                      This is what happens when you are the Grammie with the nice camera! ha!
                      For now let me show you a pretty picture you can buy on Etsy to distract you....
There is a plethora of beautiful pictures there...
I shall return with
Grandbaby Madison and camera in tow in a few...
In the meantime if you have a tool link go ahead and add it...


  1. thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment. I am enthralled with your pictures.
    Looking forward to more!

  2. What a beautiful granddaughter!! I love the tool! I need one of those but am afraid I would kill more that I would be successful with. A beautiful creation!! Thanks for brightening my day!!

  3. Madison is too cute! what a great picture. I am sure she is a big blessing to you.