Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting (ready to be) Gilded!

I’m starting to do the happy dance again as I’m very close to the beginning of the creative fun of A Gilded Life's "Art of Communion" Art Retreat here in the Dallas area!

I signed up for one of the swaps, a messenger type bag for your partner to use when we all climb aboard the party bus..

atote2                           (Well, I HOPE it’s a little more plush than this one! EEK!)

We’re heading out Friday morning bright and early to First Monday Canton Trade Days.

You DO need to begin EARLY here in Texas when the date on the calendar says July 3oth!

You can just IMAGINE what the temperature might reach by, say, noon! I’m going to be ready to rock ‘n’ roll though! My Canton cart, my comfy sneakers, a “rag” to wipe off the sweat and away we go!

I just had to share the messenger bag I’ve created for my partner! I’m full of…

atote3                                        That my partner will like what I’ve created.

                                         I formed an image in my mind and just set forth to create it!

                                        First I scrounged through my images, and when I saw this image, I knew

                                                         it was what I should use, no doubts at all!

atote 003a                             I used the packing tape method to transfer her and then stitched her in place on

                                                                             my altered book bag background. 

                                                                                     Ethereal, mysterious, other-worldly…

atote 003        I knew my image needed this Pablo Picasso quote too….This is on the inside flap of the bag.

         The colors are from watercolor crayons and the doilies created with glimmer mist and inks…

                                                       Let’s show it off properly now, shall we?

atote 006                                      And the backside…

atote 005 

                                A beautiful iron-on from Michaels!

atote 007                                    And I free form sewed a strip of an old lace curtain for the strap!

                        See, this is why I keep so many “goodies” on hand (message for my husband! Ha!)

                                                   I’ll not be back to share more until Monday or Tuesday!

                                                             Have a great rest of the week and weekend!


  1. That bag is stunning! I am sure the recipiant will be tickled pink! Love all the fun fotos.

  2. That bag is absolutely exquisite. I am happy to be back. This week has been rough on my phamily. Hugs and Fun to you! Anne

  3. I am the recipiant of this bag, and have to say, it is much more beautiful in real life! Suzie, I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!! Loved meeting you this weekend! What a fab time we had.......Deirdre