Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tool Tuesday Happiness


I’m always trying to improve my creative space. This kicked into high gear when my husband and I both had the same idea that we should turn another bedroom into a space for me. We really need to separate my office from my craft space, the glitter and the hardware are dangerously mingling, ya’ know! :>)

I have this fantastic son, Ben, who painted, laid a wood floor and made my day! Then I was on the search for the perfect craft table.

And you know FATE, right? Well, I told my husband one evening, honey, fate has happened. I was looking on Craigslist and there it was looking back me, good old friendly fate, yes, the PERFECT craft table!

Without having seen the listing, my husband was in doubt and thought saying no, no way we’re bringing more into the house. Silly man! I wasn’t ASKING, I was just sharing that OF COURSE this fateful table was coming into the house! Ha,ha!

atable 002Now that you see it, you understand too, don’t you?!! PERFECTION! And it was like five minutes away from my home AND the nice man said, I have my truck, I’ll bring it to you! YES, no doubt, it’s FATE!

Because of course the best TOOLS you can have begin with a surface upon which to create them on, don’t they?

And the icing on the top…

atable 005Two perfect drawers too! Now if only the process of sifting through my items was as easy. It’s EVERYWHERE, I swear some of it is challenging me to find it a proper storage place.

Silly husband said to me about the large amount of craft goodies I am sorting through, my idea is if you haven’t used it in like six months you should pitch it!

I laughed. That is NOT how creative crafters think! I’ll just slowly keep moving, shuffling and sorting until somehow it all ends up where it should be.

Happy Tool Tuesday! I’m not linking for a bit, didn’t seem to go over, I think there’s just too many link parties anymore and it’s overload. So I’m back to just doing what makes me happy here on my little blog. I tell myself, Suzie, your blog is not your JOB, so just do what YOU want and be happy, so I do!   


  1. Love the craft table. It's definitely the proper craft table. My table is those fold ups that you use at parties and it's not straight on top, it has this dip in the center. Very hard to craft on it. Lucky You!

  2. Husbands just can't always understand, can they? You did find the perfect craft table. I'm so glad you brought it into your beautiful new room. I'm so jealous!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  3. That is the perfect desk/table. I like the sheet metal top.

  4. Just perfect and it was meant to be!

    It's good to remind ourselves that our blogs are not jobs and that they are supposed to be fun. I need to remember this more often.