Sunday, September 12, 2010

Discovering Art Materials

I found a little niche of time this weekend to squeeze in beginning my Mandala art! Here is the beginning of the fun part...
I'm already really enjoying the Mandala tutorial because it allowed
me to freely add this and that paper to create my background
I'm happiest without strict
boundaries when creating.
Are you too?
I was musing over the new-to-me art products I've purchased for this project.
What ones, you say?
Maybe this will show me as the un-artist that I most likely am,
but I had never seen these fabulous
(this is the back of mine)
I instantly appreciated the quality of it...
no texture like on a canvas,
no stretch, no chance of becoming misshapen...
I need more of these!
We all love new paints, and these are scrumptious!
There are so many, many colors and GLITTER too at
I will definitely be buying more as I create more projects because, yeah, just look inside...
Pretty, pretty, Pretty!
Also when I've ever traced anything I've always just gone to the usual craft store supplies available to do the job...
but this is better...
First, it's bigger sheets
Second, it tears off like foil would
Third, it's got a full coverage, no light missed or hard to see lines when finished...
It can be found here at
Too, I went to the art aisle at Michaels instead of just the acrylic paint in the craft section
and spent a bit more, but really not so bad
(with a coupon!)
for better quality paints and glazing liquid...
I love finding new art products to experiment with!
Now back to the craft room to work on my Mandala...

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