Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall, Halloween, and working on Christmas too! And LOOKIE what I won!

I'm beginning to feel a bit short on time, you know that anxiousness that threatens to overcome you when you're working on craft projects for an event very close in time that happens? That's me this week. I'm over-the-moon excited because this Friday is the beginning of the A Gilded Life's Art Retreat and I'll be covered in my favorite, glitter! We're starting out on Friday with making a crown, Ah, it will be just fantastic! By Sunday, I should be in pure craft bliss by the time it ends.
Today though, I'm still working on my swaps for the event, they're coming along but I keep getting interrupted in my crafting schedule by my work schedule to caption the news!
I love Emblibrary.com and it's my go-to source for embroidery designs! I am working on Fall decorations for my swap and I found several designs of leaves there that I bought. Here's the link to one of them FALL LEAVES
Here are a few of the leaves I've stitched up so far...
Isn't it pretty?
And here is a lace design from HERE for LACE DESIGN

I stitched it on a sparkly organza and it really added a fantastic glimmer to it!
here are a few more...

I also had a "husband" to add to my Halloween decorations for my craft room and I snuck in finishing it up...

My lady (below) is much happier now that her husband is beside her!

Handmade stoneware buttons! Aren't they FABULOUS?!!
You can purchase them also from Koko Noelle
Thanks Noel and Liz! They are scrumptious!!!
I'm also making a few Christmasy swap items but they're not ready to show you yet!
Soon though!

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