Friday, December 12, 2008

I need opinions on this Pink Saturday!

Hi, friends! I "collect" vintage marriage certificates, I hesitate to call it a collection since I only have two (isn't three of something the definition of a collection?). I bought this "pink" marriage certificate this summer on my trip to Round Top, TX, and I really dislike the wooden frame around it, it's not romantic, it's scuffed and just not pretty! I do like the depth of the frame though, and I'd like your opinions on how I could possibly transform this frame into a shabby chic and somewhat romantic frame. What is your opinion?
Below that is my second marriage certificate sitting in my cabinet with some of my vintage bride and groom cake toppers, the wedding picture is of my beloved mother- and father-in-law on their wedding day in the 1950's, they've both passed now, and I miss them terribly! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie


  1. Hi Suzie,
    I hate to say it, but if that frame were mine I'd leave it as it is...SORRY! I have a few like it and am always looking for more. I just love the color of the wood with all the dings and scuffs.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

    xo Cori G.

  2. what an interesting idea for a collection. The calligraphy on old certificates is so pretty, these would be very attractive.

    As for the frame - perhaps just a cleaning at first to see what's there?

  3. if you really hate it, why not paint it! water it down so it just has a hint of the color.