Monday, December 15, 2008

No Pictures today because....

Well, what another frustrating computer weekend I just went through! I started having Spyware type popups on my computer this weekend and freaked out! My husband found out that it was PICASA that I use for my blogging of pictures that contained the spyware!! So that's all gone now and I won't use their system again!
This is the second time I've had spyware/corruption on my computer due to blogging type activities, I really enjoy blogging but cannot handle the threats of viruses and spyware.
Does anyone have a SAFE program to handle their photos that isn't pulled off of the internet to use? UGH! But thanks to a hubby who has the patience to fix it for me! Suzie

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  1. I use the photoscape programs I found out about from BJ at Sweet Nothings. The photos are stored on my computer and the program allows me to do interesting things with the photos like the collages and the frames and so on. So far it seems to be working okay for me. I did a google search to find the program.