Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An American Girl

Her name is Kit Kitteredge (Abagail Bresen)and I ran across the movie tonight on HBO and was drawn in by the charm of the movie Kit Kitteredge: An American Girl"

Surely the movie is for the tween age group, but that didn't make my interest wane! I found the movie charming, a Nancy Drew type book come to life!
My husband walked up and said, "What are you watching?" When I told him, he mumbled something under his breath and left! I don't think he's into tween movies, he,he!
I especially enjoyed the fashions from the depression era, the dresses were so cute!
A great movie for your children, and, well, Mom, you will want to watch too!
I give it a five stars for FUN!
I remember when the American Girl Dolls became the craze and I just had to have one for my daughter Katie! I believe the one we bought one Christmas was Kit, too! I just loved the quality of the doll and the story along with it.
Now Katie's almost 21, those days are long gone by, but I still love American Girl Dolls and I hope every little girl out there has a special doll of her own!
I've added a few songs from the movie, so I hope you enjoy them also!

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