Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another blog?

Well, YES, I am considering starting a second blog to delve into my LOVE of sewing! I LOVE sewing really over all other craft forms, I just love the whole process, from beginning to end!
I love the fabrics all lined up in the fabric store, just begging to be purchased!
I love all the colorful threads!
I love perusing the pattern books for a pattern!
I love the idea of a flat piece of fabric being magically sewn together to form something functional, beautiful, and I see my sewing as an expression of my love for those whom I'm sewing for!
I love the technology of embroidery machines and all the possibilities they've opened up to embellish!
I just LOVE sewing! You too?

I think I'll call my additional blog "Suzie Sews (not just a) Button"
What do you think?
OH, and I found Sewing Blogs and I want to be added to their list of sewing blogs, so why not, right?!

1 comment:

  1. Go for it!! I like keeping my crafts and sewing projects on its own blog. Sort helps to keep the main one from getting too busy. Looking forward to seeing it when you get it started.