Monday, August 3, 2009

Book Heaven...

Good Monday, friends! I wanted to share a bit of book heaven with all of you!
I love reading, as I know you do too, and my favorite types of books are sagas, generational family stories that show the span of time.
Jennifer Chiaverini is a FABULOUS author (!!) and has a new book out "The Lost Quilter" and I'm just in heaven reading it! She really can transport you to another time and place with her style of writing!
Below is a link to read an excerpt and purchase it online if you'd like!
I found my copy HALF OFF at Barnes & Noble bookstore this past weekend, so instead of $24.00, I paid just $12.00 for the hardback!
Browse Inside : The Lost Quilter

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Also if you head over to Oprah's website and you register, you can download this book...
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Now you can't beat FREE!
Enjoy your day, kick back with a (healthy) snack and put the feet up and read a bit! That's what I'll do later this evening!

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  1. i took a few minutes and read the front and back flaps and the book sounds fabulous.
    on your recommendation i am going to order it from
    ...that's on your recommendation. LOL