Monday, August 10, 2009

A Healthy Summer Recipe

My daughter and I are working at losing weight together this summer and we chose Weight Watchers as our tool to lose!
It's been about a month and a half now, I suppose, and it's going ok, I suppose, better a little bit for her than for me! I've lost 10 lbs., she's lost like 14!
It's hard for me because I'd rather craft than exercise and it's hard for her because she just gave birth four months ago!
I lost 35 pounds years and years ago after my fourth was born, and was a size 8 and weighed like 130 pounds! I have no desire to be that small today, but I'd like to get down to maybe a size 14, even a 16! I was an exercise fanatic back in those days, and really I think I was hungry all the time and obsessed about food!
I've "evolved" in my feeling about weight now that I'm 47 and I want to be healthier but I also think healthy includes enjoying food, having treats and accepting and loving yourself no matter what weight you may be!
I can tell a difference even with 10 pounds in how my body feels, which is great! I used to have really bad issues with swelling ankles, that's improved 100 percent with just losing 10 pounds! I think it may be that I'm eating smarter choices now, less eat out food with lots of salt.
I thought I'd share a Weight Watcher Summertime Corn Chowder with you today. I figure if you live in a cooler summertime area, this is perfect for you and if it's hot where you are like it is here in Texas, well, it was called a SUMMER chowder after all!
I couldn't resist making a little Digital Scrap page of the recipe for fun!
t to
I told you, I am in Love with Digital Scrapbooking now!
Now, as far as the exercise goes, I really need to somehow get back to my "old" days, it's hard to believe, but I used to exercise ALL the time when I was younger, and I was pretty faithful for probably 18 years! Now, I can't get myself to hardly go! It is much more difficult with so much extra weight, and I'm not sure anyone can appreciate HOW much harder it is unless you've been in the position to have that extra weight on you and you participate in an hour long step class!
The great thing about all this is is that Megan and I are a team in this, she encourages me, looks up recipes, and we encourage each other and sometimes cheat together too! But it's Mom/Daughter bonding, for sure, and that makes it ALL worth it!
I just hope she doesn't get pregnant again as soon as she loses all her weight! You know how THAT happens, right? LOL!


  1. Hey I am with you about needing to lose those extra pounds for health reasons. Espically since I not as young as I use to be LOL!! I have lost 10 since May with summer guest and travel it made it hard so some came back on again and now is back off.l0 lbs,has made a really great difference I can only wonder what a another 10 will feel like. I enjoy doing water fitness it is much more forgiving of this older body. I have found with my age(55) and a bad back that it is great exercise. It is basiclly yoga and arobic in water. Try it it's great for hot summer days to get in the pool . Let me know how it works for you ,Thanks for sharing recipe could really use something health and new in my diet.It is a shame that I can't eat corn anymore. Hugs JO Ann

  2. Hi suzie...congrats on your weight watchers success! My mom has lost 60lbs. this past yr. on WW...she also goes to water exercise that has helped her even more! Myself, I have GAINED 7lbs. this past 6weeks due to foot surgery and no activity! I feel like a BIG least I am on the recovery road! Missed Canton last month, but look forward to this month. Keep up the good work and hope to see you this fall in Canton..Cathy "Girls Gone Junkin"

  3. I don't know if you'd be interested but over at robynnsravings dot com she is having a 30 day challenge to not eat fast food etc. With a gift card reward for one person at the end of the challenge.