Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween is in the Air!

It's a wet and grey day here, perfect for a little Halloween crafting inside my toasty warm home!
I have been finishing up the final touches on my Halloween Swap and will share that in a minute, but, first, here's a little web-inspired Halloween crafting to inspire you to pull out the black paper and ephemera and close off yourself in your craft room to create!
All of the crafts can be found at Better Homes and Gardens website

Just by copying Halloween designs on paper and wrapping them around candle globes you've already spiced up your home for the season!
This craft is for the rodents running along the baseboard, but I LOVE the chair too, how easy if you have that type of chair already in your home!
You can buy precut felt shapes and turn them into delightful napkin rings to accent the Halloween table too!
Just one more and then onto MY Halloween crafting!
Here's an easy way to spice up those pumpkins without having to carve into them, I'll do this one next week myself!

I went to the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX, on Friday with the specific purpose of finding inspiration for my Halloween Swap, and, oh, boy, did I!

I found an old metal bank safe deposit box and instantly knew that THIS was my inspiration (even though I could see the DOUBT in my daughter's eyes!)

I think my daughter Megan thought oh, no, Mom's buying JUNK again! No, sir, I had a VISION!
So I immediately starting searching for the details to create it...

A scary room to enter on a wet, grey night!

There are even bottles of witchy brews awaiting those who dare enter!

And here's a view from the front door! I have a few more crafts to brew, I'll share later this week!
Happy Crafting!

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