Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday, Friends!

Hi, Friends! I hope this Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound is finding you happy and well!
I love Fridays at my house, it is my one day off per week and I get to spend a lot of FUN loving time with my grandbaby, Madison, so I treasure my day off! She's now six months old and so adorable, a sense of humor and mischeiviousness in her eyes and a desire to try to figure out how to purse those lips to try to talk, which is hilarious! So I thought I'd show not just her getting bigger today, but also to show you an adorable playmat pattern I purchase over at One Girl..

Isn't it just CUTE and adorable?!! Now if I can just find the time to make it! The pattern is available in her Etsy shop, just click on her link and also you can find the link to her blog there.
And I shared a couple months or so ago the photos that are part of a year long process that my daughter Megan and I are doing to document Madison's first year by taking photos of her each month in a basket (whose liner I made and embroidered on for her!) and the same one year size outfit each month...
Month One
Month Two
Month Three

Now I'm MISSING month four here! That picture somehow ended up on my daughter's computer and I have to see if she'll send it to me to sneak in here, but you can still see the progression...
Month Five
She's our sweetie pie! Happy Pink Saturday!
ATTENTION: I wanted to let you know too there is a lovely giveaway going on right now at Pink and Pretty Designs You might win!


  1. The playmat is so sweet and little Madison is just adorable and so gorgeous. Happy Pinks and hope your weekend is a wonderful one.

  2. Very cute playmat and grandbaby Madison is just a cutie-patootie. Happy Pink Saturday.
    Hugs and glitter,

  3. Hello Suzie. Lovely embroidery and creations.
    Madison is so adorable. She is so blessed to have you both.
    Wonderful pink post.
    Happy Pink Saturday.


  4. Oh Suzie! Your little Madison is precious!!! What a grand idea to photograph her each month in a way that will document just how quickly they grow. Even more special is that you made the lining for this basket.

    The pattern is also quite darling.

  5. Hi Suzie, She is a doll for sure and will only get more fun and precious as the months go by. Do you think that pad will be large enough? She looks like a girl that will be able to really get around in no time.

  6. how cute is she all in pink happy pink saturdY

  7. Now that is just the cutest idea I've seen all day long and I am definitely telling my son and daughter in law about it. We will be having a precious little bundle arriving for Christmas and I think we will definitely do what you did with your precious bundle.

  8. PRECIOUS! No other words will do and how smart to document Madison's month by month growing in that darling outfit!Pretty soon you will have to find a new one to watch her grow in.

  9. Oh!! She is absolutely adorable! Lucky you!! Have a wonderful pink weekend!

  10. Hi again Suzie, Thank you for that link. Good ol' Martha! :)

  11. She is adorable. What a great way to chart her growth! That playmat will be perfect for her. Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Hi Suzie,
    How cute is your granddaughter? It is amazing how fast they grow huh? She is truly a Cutie Pie. Thanks for sharing and for dropping by for a visit. Have a wonderful weekend.


  13. Thanks so much for visiting...I love your Pink Saturday cutie!! Oh my goodness too precious! Happy Pink Saturday! Grace

  14. Oh, my goodness, how sweet is Madison and all pretty in pink!! Darling playmat too!

    Thank you for stopping by today!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  15. Hi, Suzie,
    Madison is the cutest and sweetest pink I have seen today. She is darling, and I love how you are showing her age progression. Those blue eyes will melt your heart!! Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. Vicki

  16. What a darling baby that is. Happy belated pink Saturday. I saw your inkspats in your newer posts and I am intrigued by them. Thank you for sharing. I am goi9ng to look again now.

  17. Lovely Pink Saturday post and sweet blog, too. Woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground so even thought this isn't Saturday I really needed a boost! Today you made me smile...THAT LITTLE BABY IS THE BEST PINK OF ALL!

    Sorry, I didn't get to see everyone yesterday. I had important business. My 11 year-old grandson was playing football and he wanted Mimi to go to the out-of-town-last-of-the-season-game. THEY WON AGAINST AN UNDEFEATED TEAM! WOO-HOO! 35 - 17☺

    Hope the coming week blesses you with sunshine, happiness and good friends.