Friday, October 9, 2009

What do you see?

I received an email with these wonderful ink blot stamps and realized I see a beautiful dress there in that black ink, how about you?

Quite interesting! You can see more over at Stampington
So then I thought about the famous ink blot tests that I suppose determine your sanity (or not?) depending what you see in them! That's a scary prospect, isn't it?!
What do you see?
This iRorschach card and certainly the most colorful, consisting of blue, gray, pink, green, orange and yellow inks. It's a very complex mish-mash of shapes with lots of "activity" and plenty of places to "see" things. Possible Sexual Imagery: Male sex organs at the top center of the card

A very colorful card with blue, orange, pink, and gray ink. A roughly diamond-shaped image with lots of places to see things- a mask, animals climbing up the outsides, a moth or butterfly, a person with their arms akimbo, etc etc. Possible Sexual Imagery: Female sex organs, usually seen at the bottom of the card.
Just continuing on with ways to see things and to connect, but this time with word challenges, I was lying in bed listening to NPR radio ( i know! NPR?!) Well, my husband turns this on during the daily morning ritual of getting dressed. This morning they were going over word games and the challenge was this:
The challenge is to find a chain of "C" words to connect "carbon" to "circuit." The chain has seven words between "carbon" and "circuit." The answer doesn't have to match Will's (the host), but each word has to start with "C," and each has to combine with the words before and after to make a compound word or familiar two-word phrase.

So I'll start you out with the first one, and you fill in the blanks to the last one...


I love things like this! The answer can be
found at

There is also a new challenge for this week up! I think I'll have to keep up with this puzzle site now, it's Fun!


  1. I love looking at ink blots, but once you said dress, you had me. I couldn't see anything but.....Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  2. carbon..copy...conjoined...........circut

    I love time wasters like I laugh everytime I hear NPR because all I can think of is Alec Baldwin's Schwetty Balls on SNL. I'll have to see how this connects. xoxo Nancy

    PS I love that word "akimbo" and it's sooo underused!

  3. I have you in the drawing!
    Your blog is way cute!

  4. I see a two Ballerinas! I have so much fun with the ink blots. Have a blessed week.