Friday, November 13, 2009

It's the Holidays & Pink Saturday!

What a wonderful combination, don't you agree, Pink (Saturday) and the Holiday Season! So we need to have a PINK...

We don't need a lot of fancy supplies, and the directions can be simple, such as making this momento memory box for a mother or a grandmother, wouldn't it be lovely?!

You probably have all these supplies in your scrapbook drawer right now!

I am an old-fashioned soul at heart, I never tire of the beauty of the floral hankie look, it's just so beautiful! And this would be a special gift for any vintage soul!
And I've wanted to make this for over a YEAR, and am still in love with it! You can see this really would be simple to construct!

We're NOT finished crafting on this PINK Saturday, friends, but I want to give thanks and credit for the above crafty ideas where it's due...

Oh, no there's more beauties to craft today...
I love this sweet angel doll!

This little sweet fabric frame would be wonderful with a print inside, maybe even add a touch of glitter to set it off!

I know a little girl in my life that would LOVE this soft PINK crown!

And wouldn't these be wonderful on Christmas morning?!
Again, thanks for your beautiful inspiration...

We can't end our craft day without a little bit of sweets, could we?!

And these BEAUTIES fit right into the plan of having FUN!
And a bucket full of sweet cookies! Well, you shouldn't have.

I really should have this angel food cake, I am on a diet, after all!


And thank you to our lovely PINK host Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
and Happy Pink Saturday!


  1. Oh, I love all these great ideas. Don't you just love Gooseberry Patch and of course, the beautiful Sandra Lee? I have 4 of the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and enjoy looking through them time after time..and I saw a new one at JoAnn's a couple days ago that I just hafta have.
    Happy Pinks to you..and have a most lovely weekend.

  2. wow, lots of gorgeous pinks, i love them all, hope you have a wonderful weekend

  3. Such pink loveliness! Happy PS!

  4. Suzie,

    What an awesome Pink Saturday post. I am a lover of old hankies. I always have one with me in a pocket. But I just love what you have created with yours. The mantle decoration and the wonderful pocket idea! Too cute.

    My favorite part of this blog was the cookies. Yup, I LOVE COOKIES!

    xo Cath

  5. What wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us. Have a great Pink Saturday.

  6. Your pinks brought a big smile to my face this morning!! Love all of your ideas and goodies....Pink Rocks!! Enjoy the rest of your day!! xOxO Nerina :)

  7. Oh I am a vintage girl at heart too! LOVE those sweet hankie ideas!
    Great pink stuff too!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Suzie...
    I so love this pink post. From slippers that look devine, to the wonderful idea of the Christmas card holder, so devine, and I love the hankie drape over the mantel. What a beautiful idea that one is. I loved the angel doll, and the cookies and treats to top it off. Suzie you did a tremendous job on this pink post. I am so loving it. Thanks for sharing.

    Please stop by and let me share my Pink post with you.
    Country hugs...Sherry

  9. Oh my, lots of ideas. I'd better get going!

    Happy Pink Saturday! Stop by my blog to sign up for the gift certificate giveaway!

  10. Suzie! That's some darling pink you have there. I believe I will slip into those cute pink slippers and slip on that adorable little crown and enjoy all of those shiny objects there! What fun!

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  11. Well Suzi you found lots of pink cuteness for today. I love and adore the little slippers, and the hankies. Then I got to the cookies and whoa nellie I decided to say bye bye. Scrumptious. Mollye

  12. Some great ideas there!

    I love the Sew Sunny books, they're just perfect to look through, I don't know where to start with the projects though

    Victoria xx

  13. Oh, I need those books! I love the shadow box and those hankie organizers! Have a happy Pink Saturday Suzie! I'm got crafting to do!!

  14. Love BOTH your blogs but this one especially. Love it all, thanks for the pinks.

    glitter and roses

  15. yeah!!!! i am planning on having a pink christmas for my ladies meeting on dec 6 and thanks for your ideas. hope more people publish pink christmas things too have a happy ps

  16. Lovely Christmas crafting ideas. I especially like the ideas with the lovely hankies. Hope you have a great Pink Saturday.

  17. Happy Pinks, Susan! I love your great crafting idea post! I particularly love your pretty vintage hankies!

    Thanks for sharing such lovely pinks!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  18. Hi Suzie!

    Thank you for stopping by today! What a super post! I love crafting and am always looking for inspiration and when they're in PINK even better!

    Hope you are having a fab Pink Saturday!


  19. Hi, Suzie,
    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful craft ideas for a very PINK Christmas!! I especially loved the ideas for vintage hankies. Have a Happy Pink Saturday and a peaceful and fun weekend! Vicki

  20. Lots and lots of great ideas you are offering this week, lots of great food too, yumO. I am sorry to be so late this week, but still wanted to come in and say Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  21. Hi Suzie,

    Such sweetness in your Pink Saturday post. I especially like the slippers, the doll and the memento box.

    Thank you so much for your visit. I hope your Pink Saturday was full of fairy magic.

    Cheers! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

  22. Such cute inspiration! You know I am in love with all of those hanky creations :) And those slippers are so adorable!

  23. We are kindred spirits! I adore Sandra Lee and Gooseberry Patch. :)