Friday, November 13, 2009

Diving into Christmas!

Oh, YES, it IS Friday! MY DAY OFF! I can get GIDDY when I have a day off, ESPECIALLY when this time of year when there are glorious Christmas craft fairs and shows I can attend!
Today I'm off with my daughter and grandbaby to here...

Oh, FUN, Christmas craft and gift FUN!!
This show will most likely be fabulous, but probably a bit overpriced, I bet. That's ok though! I get lots of ideas from just looking also, and don't we just LOVE craft shows because we're with "our people" in "our land", right? You know, crafty souls all around, the music, the candle scents, the companionship of other women?!
My favorite type of craft show still remains though the church craft festivals. I think it's because I have strong memories of my little church in the country growing up and being at and participating in the annual Country Fair each year. Wonderful memories!
I hope you have a wonderful Friday too! Thanks also for all the suggestions on the curtains and the lovely comments on my new paint color! I agree, I like the Country Curtains the most and it needs to be consistent. More on the redo's on a posting soon!

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