Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Paint Color = New Outlook!

Hi, Friends! I have a new outlook on life, well, at least as far as inside my home!
That's what a new fresh color scheme can do for you! I wanted to share my before/after photos with you, even though the room isn't completed totally yet...
Here's my family room before...

Of course, this is as the room was prepared for painting by my son Ben!
And here's the kitchen before...

(please ignore the vacuum and other items! This is reality, friends!)
I chose gold/brown/yellow tones in my choice... The family room now has an accent wall in the same color as the kitchen to tie them together, which I love!

And here's the kitchen again... I love the warmth of the honey brown!

As you may have noticed, I don't have window treatments back up, and that's because I want to change those out too! I've been looking online and I'm thinking I really like these from Country Curtain what do you think?
And my daughter found these at Half Price Drapes and what a great price.
I'd love your input too!


  1. LOVE the wall color! So warm and almost spicy! The curtains are 2 totally differents extremes though. My heart leans toward the first ones though! Can't wait to see the end results!

  2. I'm loving the dog on the sofa!! I'm the last person you should ask about curtains!

  3. Wow! The new paint job looks great. I was just painting my sewing room closet today.

    Don't know which window treatment to choose, but I also lean toward the first choice too. Good luck with that.


  4. Love the new color..and as for window treatment..I can't decide which I like best.hmmmm..ok, I also say the first one, although whichever you choose..will be beautiful.

  5. I vote for the first ones, although the others are pretty too.