Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello! Good morning or Good Evening, depending where you're visiting me from!
I think 2010 is going to be BEAUTIFUL! And I can thank my son Ben...

for making my world brighter, cleaner, refreshed!
He's my willing (paid) slave at times for all the projects I don't have the time or my husband doesn't having the willingness to conquer.
Painting is one of them! First in November he painted the kitchen and the family room for me. It went from this..

to this...
(YES, I do have the cutest dog(s) in the world! This is Cody, one of my English Springer Spaniels.)

Then Ben bartered with me for a desk he wanted that I was using as my sewing desk and said he'd paint my bedroom if I gave it to him. Well, YEAH!
So the bedroom just the other day looked like this...

In steps the INSPIRATION for my room, thanks to my daughter's obsession with Tori Spelling. Well, maybe "obsession" isn't the correct word for it, but she likes Tori's reality show and is interested in her decorating style. So she had pointed out to me how GORGEOUS, oh, so pretty, Tori's bedroom wall color was...

and I had to agree this Parma Grey by Farrow & Ball was gorgeous and would look great with my bedspread and new curtains, but, as my luck, is way too expensive. Sorry, I cannot spend over a hundred bucks for a gallon of paint.
Megan found another blogger who posted the formula for it that was at Home Depot for $21.00 a gallon. (if you're interested leave a comment, and your contact and I'll send it to you)
So now we're, well, BEN, is "in the process" of finishing up the room... Here's the color... Ta DA!

Mine appears a bit more "blue" than hers, a bit darker, but it may be the picture, the difference in light coming into the room, but in any event, I am in LOVE with it!
So, you know how it goes, now it's snowballed and we're looking at flooring. I wanted hardwood, it's not a very big bedroom and the estimate at Home Depot was $3,662.00!!! No wonder everyone, me included, uses laminate wood instead of hardwoods! That's just too much, so now the compromise is in the works, go back to carpet, go to laminate, shop around for weeks while the room is torn apart? UGH!
I also have this gorgeous bed, but I have had the same dressers that I bought off my sister 30 years ago! They're in scratched up, showing their 45 years shape, but really great bones, so, yep, I'm going to get estimates on refinishing them. You can't buy well made furniture like they are nowadays.
So that'll be a posting too in the future here if I can afford it, that is!
Oh, B....E.....N! Now I need my master bathroom painted too!
Darn those college classes starting back up, he'll be too busy to help! Maybe I could convince my other son Daniel who just graduated college in December, now that he's not in school full time and working full time at the same time, maybe he'd be hirable!

What do you think?


  1. totally jealous! I want to use that color somewhere in my house!

  2. Oh it looks fab! I love Tori Spelling too, I've read all her books and just heard she's penning another!

    Victoria xx