Tuesday, January 5, 2010


UPDATE! I had a couple questions about felting. Yes, I did felt the sweater BEFORE I cut out the shape and made the purse. Felting is simply taking a 100% wool sweater (the tag should say dry clean only) and washing it in hot water and if you want it to tighten up even more you can put it in a hot dryer.
When I begin a new purse I'll post the steps as I make it in a tutorial. It's SO Easy!

Happy Tuesday, bloggie friends! During the holidays I decided I wanted to be green and thrifty and to make a purse out of a wool sweater and I made this bag for my friend, Debie...

I felted the wool sweater by washing it in hot water and drying it in the dryer.
I was SO pleased with how C.U.T.E. it was! I had my daughters going, I WANT ONE TOO!
I even used the leftover wool and the seam to make a nifty flower...

So today I headed off to local Thrift Stores (they were PACKED!) to search out wool sweaters. I found a "few" (whoo-hoo!)...

Nine plus a bonus wool dress suit! I spent $30.00 for EVERYTHING!
Plus there were brands like Banana Republic, $2.00...

The Gap, same price!

And, can you believe it, Tommy Hilfiger for 2 bucks?!!

While waiting in line to pay, I mosied up by the unwanted pole of clothing, and...

a brand new perfect purple wool suit!
YES, that tag says $4.00 for a Jones New York suit!

I feel a bit guilty to cut up a great suit, but, my inner crafty girl calls, Cut 'em Up!


  1. I'd have to find a Man's X-Lg to make a purse to hold everything I carry!!!.. But I LOVE yours!.. The idea, the color, the style.. LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it! Can't wait to see the others you make! ~tina

  2. Can't beat a good bargain! Great job with the purse. Did you shrink it and then make it? or make it then shrink it?

  3. Just the cutest purse ever. You're one talented lady..it's beautiful.
    Hurry and show us more..

  4. I have heard of this felting of which you speak. Now that I have seen your fantastic purse, I think I might give it a try!
    I already love thrift stores!
    I am half-way there!

  5. Hi - wanted to stop by to say Happy New Year and to say thank you for the nice comments on my blog just before christmas
    I love the sweater purse - the first one - the grey one - look terrific

  6. I have wanted to do this for so long. Your purse is just so cute. I love the flower addition, too. There is a little thrift store about 15 miles from me. As soon as the roads allow, I REALLY want to go!

    Thanks so much for the sewing machine info. I still have not been out to try them yet. My sister does love her Viking, too.

  7. Suzie...Your purse is so cute. I've wanted to try this, but have been too intimidated!

    So glad that we will be partners for Linda's swap and am sorry to take so long in responding to you. Been quite a week of sickness in my home...But, as of today I think the nasty virus has officially left the building!

    Hope you have a great, healthy weekend...