Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's coming along!

Hi, Friends! Hope your day is going well!
I thought I'd show the progress of my bedroom re-do, it's GROWING! I know this is common, you start with one thing, in our case painting the bedroom walls, and now we've redone the floor with this gorgeous laminate flooring...

it's a light cherry color and is finished and is GORGEOUS and was SO much less than the hardwood from Home Depot I had considered, total with paying my son 300.00 to put it in with Dad and the materials was around a thousand, much better than the $3,600 for the hardwood! Plus, it's not glued down, so switching it out years later will be easy if we choose too!
Here's a picture of the room again, with my Springer Cody in the picture. I think he was jealous Ollie had a posting on my blog so he refused to leave the room OR to get out of the picture...

Here's a close-up of you, Cody, so don't be jealous baby, ok? Mommy loves you too!

Now I want to replace the ceiling fan with a crystal chandelier. Loew's had some really pretty choices, though, I'm not sure they're the right size for my room, but if you haven't seen them, lookie at this...

I think my daughter needs this one above for her entryway!
Then there's MORE...

and even more!

I definitely need to find an affordable chandelier!
Then we're going to add a new closet organizer, refinish the dressers, replace closet and bathroom doors and hang up the new curtains, and I can relax in a calm, peaceful new retreat!
Well, and I need all new artwork too, then, AHHHHH........


  1. Wow mom it's looking great! And the elves came and made the bed, weird..........

  2. A chandelier is a must in the bedroom!!

    I have a cheap shall we say interpretation of one in my room!

    Victoria xx

  3. Hi Suzie! Your new floor looks so great, but Cody looks even better! What a handsome dog! So glad to see you visited. Thank you so much for putting our button on your sidebar. That was very nice of you. We do have lots more to share! Enjoy your week! Twyla

  4. You have been a busy girl...Looks like your bedroom is coming along nicely.

    Your sweet puppy looks like a lot of fun. We have 2 dogs and I can't imagine what I'd do without them. Yes, they annoy me to no end when the get under my feet in the kitchen, but they make our home a better place....Have a great day!!

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