Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I'm really diggin'

Hey there, bloggie friend! I thought I'd show you what I've really been diggin' lately in blogland and in scrappin' and well, a few other things too!
First, let's start with one of the "other things too" category!
Well, DUH, I should have known right off the bat to check out for an affordable chandelier, because look at this beauty!

MY H-E-A-R-T is beating REALLY fast!
It's very modern, which is new to me, but I know it would be gorgeous! I need to measure to see if it will be right in scale, I heard on HGTV the correct size is 2 inches for every foot of the size of your room. A great tip! Oh, I hope so! It's $165.00, not bad, I believe, it's GORGEOUS! Don't you think so too?!
Then scrappin'!
Well, I am addicted to many websites and blogs about scrapbooking and the online stores are to-die-for!
It's like an addiction!
First I fell in love with Jenni Bowlin's JBS Mercantile site! I couldn't resist, I had to sign up for the monthly kits! It's like Christmas arriving in the mail once a month! I received my January kit yesterday.
What I love about these kits is that it's not your average scrapbook, or Hobby Lobby pickins!
There are unique items like this...

and this is an overlay. Who's cutie pie eyes are those behind there???

and what do you think of these papers in the kit?

Plus each kit is a cohesive grouping, so you can visualize how to use the items in a project! Oh, Love this company!
Then, out online blogging at Christmas I came across Becky Higgins and Project Life and with my daughter having had her first baby in April 2009, I knew this would make a great Christmas gift. Well, it was a bit on back order ( I knew this before ordering) and it arrived today too!
The box it came in had me happy right off! As it did my Daughter here shown with Ollie who ALMOST ate it, he secretly got hold of the box, took out the contents and left them behind to chew up the mailing box! Whew, that was close!

Here's what we found inside...

More? Ok, here is MORE!

Of course too, I love the blog AND the shop of Elles Studio I've only purchased downloads for her banner so far for Halloween, but just give me time, I'll get more!

I also am into purusing this site Inspire Me because they have beautful items and great ideas, and they even have free chats on projects and more, but, problem is, I work, and I work a LOT lately, so I just can't delve into the site or the chats at this point, but my eyes can enjoy the candy still!

Find more photos like this on inspireME
See what I mean?
Also, who DOESN'T just D-I-G Amazon ?
I know it can be "dangerous" for me to go there, because see, I cannot own enough craft books, and, well, just books in general!
So, addict that I am, this is what I clicked the one click to buy button for today, oh, lordie, someone STOP me!


And just one more...

But, believe me, I could have bought more. The GREAT thing is I paid no more than $5.00 for any one of these books, I bought the used ones that were like $4 and change and $3.99 shipping, and guess what, they shipped out on the same day I placed the order! So great!
I love about EVERY blog I visit, each blogger has some perspective on life, loving, crafting, decorating, or just who they are that can make me happy, but here's some new blogs I've found recently that I, well, just DIG!
(Yes, I grew up in the '70s! It's showing, I KNOW!)
You'll want to visit them too...
Martha's Moments
All about Martha, who wouldn't want to have her craft room?!
Nest, Style starts at Home
We ALL want Style, and this gal's got it!
Prima Marketing Where Ideas are Created
again, a lot of Gorgeous Scrapbooking and craft ideas and pretty!
Songbird Where Creativity and Nesting come together
Well, creativity AND nesting, it's a hit! Just found it yesterday!
The House that A_M built
She has a gorgeous home and I love seeing beautiful homes and her kids are cute too!
This is only a sampling of blogs I added to my blog roll this week, and I know it will continue on for a LONG time, 'cause there's a lot of talent out in blogland!
Well, that's what has me groovin' this bleak January day, what do you dig?!


  1. Uh oh...are you going to be sewing? I'm finding that I'm looking for more sewing blogs now. :-)

    My sewing machine is a Janome MC6500P, new and half price. Bernina cannot be shipped to me, so I went for the Janome with more features. Happy!

  2. Hi Suzie! Well... I dig that chandelier, but I have to say.. I still don't think it shines as beautifully as your snowflakes do! (0; I posted about them today, if you want to take a peek! Have a great weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina