Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Touches

Are you feeling the sweetness of Valentine's Day approaching at your home?
I am!
As usual, I almost always begin any holiday themed decorating at my fireplace, and this LOVE holiday is no exception!

I made this L-O-V-E garland last year and still adore it. It was waiting like a sweet gift in a drawer of my hutch. Oh, it lifted my mood to hang it's sweet pinks and reds across the length of my fireplace!

I love to implement my favorite items among the decorations, and shakers with glitter are one of those favorites for sure!

My Bloomer girls sit amongst the handmade cupcakes and strawberries that I bought a while back. This etsy store Crocheted Little Things has similar cupcakes if you want to sweeten up your mantle too!
I, like you, love Mary Englebreit and I gussied up a little Valentine for myself with some pretty glitter to create this...

Isn't she pretty?
My pink milk glass is always in play, whether it's Christmas or Valentine's, pink works any day!

And here's a beau playing sweet with his heart to win his gal's heart, and again it's so much prettier with

Would you like to create a pretty Valentine's craft too?
Here's just one idea I scoured for and found to bring to you today...

Wool Heart Valentine from Better Homes and Garden's website.
Adorable! Simply precious!
Love and Hugs, and Kisses too on this Wednesday, friends!


  1. Your decorating for Valentine's Day is adorable. Everything looks lovely

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Suzie! Cute post! Love all your decorations!.. But PINK milk glass? I collect milk glass, and LOVE it!.. but I have never heard there was such a thing as PINK milk glass!.. News to me! ~tina

  3. Suzie, I just love your banner! You gave me a wonderful idea to do something similar! Thank you for sharing. I love your collectibles. As always, thank you for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. Have a wonderful creative day!
    Hugs, Patti

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