Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gorgeous Blooms!

I took the afternoon yesterday to create some of the blooms from the videos two postings below and had so much fun!
As I was making them a little craft idea came to mind, but I need a bit to start it as work duties call first!
It's hard to choose a favorite...
I love these!
The video is the second video in the line from the blog

These adorable flowers were fun to create from the top video
and are part of the creativeness over at

these adorables were also found on

The cutie on the left is from the bottom video from
and the gorgeous shabby chic flower on the right is from
I love using the sewing pattern paper!
Aren't they pretty?! Ok, I'm off to make LOTS more
and a few other goodies!
I wish you could join me for a craft day!


  1. Hi Suzie, I'm Marcia. I'm your partner for the baskets. Those blooms are so pretty! I watched the video a few days ago and they were so helpful, I can't wait to try them myself. Yes, I do eat chocolate! YUM! I e-mailed you when I found out we were partners, but I don't know if you ever got it? Anyways, I'm excited and anxious to see how we are to do this. marcia

  2. These are amazingly lovely..thank you so much for sharing..I think I would love to make a few up...Would be pretty on gifts. xoxo Thanks for visiting me the other day. xoxox

  3. Very cheery and pretty blooms. I love the one with the pearls in it.

  4. Suzie, This post was soooo cute! I featured you in my Pink Saturday post today...I was inspired by your flamingos.
    ♥, Susan

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Suzie Button!

    Cute pics...Oliver may need some bunny ears!


  6. Love your post! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. They are gorgeous! Have a sweet day!