Monday, May 24, 2010

Tool Tuesday Debut!

atooltuesday                                             I’m a tool addict…. I want all the gadgets, all the goodies!
                           Whether it’s sewing, scrapbooking, creating an embroidered gift or a pillow
                                                    to grace my bed, I’m always looking for a new tool to
                                                                                 create with!
                              Sometimes it’s a conventional tool like the basics, scissors (lots of sizes!)
                                                                           thread, stickers, paper and glue
                                                   But more often what really gets me going is seeing a tool in use…
                                               via a video tutorial, a blog, or from a friend or a magazine…
                                                                                        Then I WANT it!
                                        This is a blessing and a curse, because you should see my chaotic craft room!
                                                            I think you’re familiar with what I’m saying…
                                        and I thought we could share our tools and what we’re using them to create!
                                 To begin “Tool Tuesday” I thought I’d share my NEWEST gadget…..
                                                            DRUM ROLL…..

Yes, it’s a Sizzix Big Shot! It is a Mother’s Day gift to myself! Yippee!
What made me want this tool was seeing a blog hop party at Eileen Hulls' Thoughts from my Studio where they used the Sizzix Cake Die
              And there were creations like this…
asixcake                                                               Bonnie Bruns Blog
                                                                   And this…
                                                        Karen Burinston's I am not left-handed
              What I really liked about the features of the Big Shot were that it is universal and can
                                                       use any other brand die-cut, plus there are a lot of 3-D dies to
                        make awesome cards and boxes, etc. which really was exciting to me as when a craft
                                is 3-D, to me it becomes “real” not just a flat object, so it’s like it’s come alive!
                                 What tools do you have and how do you use them and what do you create?
                           Please join me on Tuesdays for “Tool Tuesday” and add your McLinky and join in!
            Here are the rules..
1. Share your tool and your craft and post it.

2. Share anything using any kind of tool that could result in goodies that include, but not exclusive to cooking, knitting, sewing, painting, paper crafts, metal crafts, blah, blah, blah... anything using a tool of some sort.

3. Please don’t link up to promote your blog post or another linky party.
     Also please link to the post for Tool Tuesday, not your blog.

4. Post my cute button on my side bar with a link back to Suzie Button Creations.



  1. I'm the same... I just love having all the "stuff" to do whatever I might need.

    I have a Cricut which is fantastic although I haven't had an opportunity to play with it properly and discover all it can do

    Victoria xxx

  2. Oh my goodness this is SO cute!

    I adore it. Where did you find it?

  3. Suzie, so glad you stopped by my ScoreBoards blog hop! I appreciate the recommendation here and maybe you might like to hop with us for the next one? Thanks!