Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Saturday plus a bit more!

Hi, Friends! How are your summer PINK SATURDAY'S going so far? I know I’m enjoying summer but I feel busier than ever, no doubt!

Today I wanted to share some artwork I have…

Don’t we all love Mary Engelbreit?!! My friend Gail gave me these ME pictures a long time ago and they hang in my office and I just love them…

aeatcake 005                                                        Aren’t they just perfect in their pink frames?!

                   I also had made a little collage from ME’s paper dolls (I so miss the magazine!)

aeatcake 008                  And just recently I decided to go ahead and purchase some artwork that I’ve

                                    always wanted from artists Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradha from

                                                                         Everyday is a Holiday

aeatcake 011                                               Yes, WOO, WOO! Hooray for Cake!!!!

                                                                  And there’s more!

aeatcake 013                               YES, Sweet indeed! Love it, it looks great on the turquoise walls!

Then today is also the HUGE My Desert Cottage Where Bloggers Create Party

and I signed up a long time ago and thought I would have enough time to get my room put together, because I am turning another bedroom into a new craft room for moi, instead of the

chaotic cluttered craft/office I have now, but, sadly, this is as far as my new room is as of today..

aroom 003

                           Yes, empty awaiting the new wood laminate my son and husband are

                                          going to install tomorrow. Let’s make this a positive though!

                                   At least i’ll have HUNDREDS of fantastic rooms to gather ideas from

                                                                       with the blog party, right?!!

So just one more picture to share today and, of course, it’s my favorite subject, my Grandbaby

Madison, this time with her BFF, Kaylee. (Kaylee is the gorgeous baby too with those big blue eyes kissing my sweet Madison!) Aren’t they both just sugar?!!!

aeatcakee        Have a great weekend Pink Saturday friends and all the Where Women Create bloggers! 


  1. Suzie you have such awesome pinks! I am going to love that new craft room. You are one sweet and talented lady. I am always tickled when I stop by! Hugs Anne

  2. Oh! I love Mary E and I also love Jenny and Aaron's artwork. I think your yellow walls are a great start to your art studio. You'll have so much fun in there with all of your cute art work.
    Your grandbaby is a doll and so is her little friend!

  3. Suzie, What a great attitude! Yes, it is disappointing when our best laid plans go haywire....HOWEVER, like you mentioned, your reward may be that you will discover some great ideas by having been a little behind schedule. I'm not participating in PS today {rather in Where Bloggers Create} and I always associate your name with that adorable grandchild! She is precious, you lucky grandmother! xo Sue

  4. I MISS ME's mag too!!! The pic of your grandbabies is beyond cute!!! I look forward to the finished craft room! Thanks for visiting too!

  5. Love the artsy pieces and am thinking you'll have so much inspiration today from visiting all the studios...good move to wait!

  6. Oh Suzie, you are going to be so inspired by all the visits you will make to everyone's craft rooms/studios. Yellow is so bright and cheery and those ME pictures will be a great focus on those yellow walls. Cute snapshots of the grandbabies. Please stop by and see me sometime!

    Live Creatively, Patti

  7. Hi Suzie :) What sweet and cute pinks for us today! Those pictures are adorable, and the grandbabies are so precious :)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Warmest, Brenda

  8. Suzie, this is just the cutest picture ever! Who cares if the space isn't ready as long as you show us pictures like that! :-)

    Happy Pink Saturday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Sweet pinks, esp the last two! And I cannot wait to see how your space turns out!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. It will be beautiful. I can see it already. Ikea has large cubes like the one on my post for $99 on sale. They also have larger ones and you can put them together. They also have all kinds of drawers etc that fit into the cubes. You should check it out.

  11. Hi Suzie,

    I've been right where you are..last year when I joined the party I posted a photo of my empty studio and showed new windows being installed.

    I happy to say that it's all together now! Oh, what a grand feeling to have all of my stuff stored and organized.

    I'd love for you to come visit me and take a stroll around my studio.

    Have a lovely day,
    Stephanie ♥

  12. Oh the anticipation! :)

    It looks like a good start... :)

    I have some ME paper dolls that I have saved. I am not sure what to do with them may be a collage is in order!


  13. Oh, my gosh..I'm visiting a day too late again, but I'm here..that's what counts doesn't it? So, Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you and I hope you'll visit my PS-post and enter my give-away! Love, Esther XX

  14. Happy Pink Saturday (which takes me all week to visit)! Love the picture of the baby girls. The M.E.
    pictures are so cheerful.

  15. Just dream how lovely your creative space will be. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  16. I love the ME prints... it was so sad when Home Companion stopped.

    Victoria x

  17. I too love ME. Happy belated Pink Saturday :0)

  18. What possibilities lurk inside that room! Lucky you to be able to start from scratch and have everything just the way you want it. Thanks for giving us a peek!