Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spirit Summer! (Part One)

Summer opens up our spirit to a warmer, brighter place and allows us to explore the beauty of the simple details in our lives that bring us fulfillment, joy, and happiness.
It is in honor of Summer that I wanted to present a series of details that are enveloped in a moment of nostalgia from summers past, or the comfort of creating bright summer crafts, or in delighting our taste buds with the fruits of summer goodies.
Over the next several weeks I will share some of the images that bring to the forefront of my memories what Summer means to me and to my spirit!
asummer4                                                   Nothing feels like Summer than a pretty apron
                                                   Add details by adding crocheted trims or rick rack
                                                                              Country Living
asummer7                                                           Summer brings the smell of fresh air
                                                           to our clothes hung on the line to dry
                                                    Melt into the scent of Summer wafting off your
                                                                 sheets at night…. Ahhhh……    
                                                Tingle the taste buds with homemade sweetness!
                                                        Huckleberry Ice Cream Country Living            
                                                          Gather your summer flowers together
                                                             in simple jars to dress up your table
                                                                           Simple Happiness!
asummer12                                     A sleeping porch is just true summer relaxation if you have the
                                       luck of having one or a porch to create one… I feel like kicking off my
                                                 shoes and curling up on this hammock!
                                                     You might need a summer quilt to snuggle with on your porch…
asummer3                                                                Make your own DIY Dish Girls
asummer2                                                        Switch to a Summer soda, an Italian Soda
                                                                Complements of Zakha Life
                                               Read a light summer novel, a series like this is fantastic
                                                              for your summer free time…
                                                                Nora Roberts on Amazon
asummer14                                                Plus, don’t forget the importance and pleasure of
                                                     hanging a flag to represent your country and to
                                                           kick start your Summer celebrations!


  1. Love your tribute to summer. I was on the same wave length with my post yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful summer, and I'll be back to visit you soon!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  2. What a delightful and cheery post. I love summer and you really captured it with all your lovely photos. I especially like the flowers in the jars, so simple and down home!
    You brightened my day!