Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome Pink Saturday!

I always look forward to Pink Saturday with all the pretty pinks out in blogland!
Today I thought I’d share some of the pretty vintage goodies I’ve purchased lately to add to my collections…
First I’ll start with this gorgeous vintage candy box, it was found on Ebay and came from a home in Canada!
Picnik collage1I don’t really collect vintage candy boxes, but the beautiful sheen of the box and the ribbon caught my eye! Isn’t she pretty?!!
Next IS a collectible for me, vintage bloomer girls! I found some very pretty ones lately on Ebay!
Picnik collage2  My favorite is the largest picture on the right. I’m a sucker for the crazing and the chunky lace on her skirt and look at that expression! Though I love them all and enjoy gazing at them within the whole collection!
Next is a vintage children’s book, these catch my eyes nowadays because i have sweet grandbaby Madison, and she’s brought the love of vintage children’s goodies back into my life!
Picnik collage3                                       The images are so cute I have to share more with you!
Picnik collage Please also visit my Pink Saturday friend Sara at Sara's Fave Photos She has a gorgeous post for this Pink Saturday!
Picnik collage5


  1. Thank you, Suzie, for pointing folks to my blog filled with flowers. And I feel really old, because I'm pretty sure I owned the Baby's Mother Goose book, but I love seeing it again. Wonderful post.

  2. Happy pink Saturday. I love the little figurines you posted and the old story books

  3. Lovely pinks! Happy Pink Saturday!!

  4. Hi Suzie,
    I love your figurine collection, very pretty!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely pinks!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  6. Hi! Happy Pink Saturday to you! What sweet treasures you found on Ebay...don't cha just love Ebay!!

    Love your darling figurines and sweet childrens books :)

    Have a great day, warmest, Brenda

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  8. Happy Pink Saturday Suzie.
    These are very pretty.
    A lovely weekend.

  9. Enjoyed your post. Happy Pink Saturday. Debbie

  10. Oh! I love your collections! I have the same little bloomer girl with the polka dot bow. Those books are so cute too!!
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  11. Hello Suzie Button!!
    Your new treasures are delightful and I love the Bloomer Girls!! What a sweet thing to collect!!
    Thanks for sharing your Pink Saturday!

    Hugs and Smiles,

  12. Happy PS!

    Maggie @
    Do these shoes match this purse?

  13. Happy PiNk, Suzie...

    Oh, I love the candy box and those bloomer girls are adorable. I also adore the vintage books full of the sweetest illustrations.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,
    Stephanie ♥

  14. Oh I have that book!!! It is great! Love the candy box too! Very retro! The sweet little girls always make me smile!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. Hi Suzie, I am late visiting..I am sure I had that little Golden Book for my kids when they were little, the pages look so familiar..fond memories of a simpler time, for sure!

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  16. I'm still working my way through PS posts. I'm glad I found yours. It is terrific!

  17. I love the candy box and those bloomer girls are adorable
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