Sunday, June 27, 2010

Suzie Button went M.I.A. in a Cowgirl Town!

It was crazy! It was fun! Creative! A blast! There were cowgirls everywhere, bloggers to boot and lots and LOTS of glitter and paper! It was my fun few days at Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat !
I am dying to show you the different projects and goodies I made and
saw and all the talent of the different gals there!
I can't go in order, I am starting with just the first glittery pictures that
grabbed my eye when downloading to the computer!
It also happened to be my first class on Saturday morning,

Yes, Marie A. is really a Mermaid! EEK!
Dale is a beautiful blogger, as is her lovely daughter plus
they are just so PINK and creative!
Here I am, Miss Cowgirl Suzie Button with them...

It was so organized and just sitting so pretty at our seats when we arrived, and, YES, I wore the crown every minute of the retreat AND on the drive home too!

Dale's crown was too pretty to pass up a close-up!

Now to a few of my classmates' creations as they made their beauties...

Isn't it pretty?! This is a cowgirl that has a Mermaid named blog but I'm going
BLANK tonight! I'm sure it will come to me in a bit! But she's SO talented!
It came to me in the shower that this was The Gypsy Mermaid, Sarah !
I knew I'd figure it out!
And another gorgeous mermaid below...

The pretty never ends...

This is Susan Skinner and her daughter came to craft with her!
What fun to have a mother/daughter weekend of crafting!

And this is Leisl and she too knew how to create a scene of watery, shimmery beauty!
What a fun class, and that was just the tip of the iceberg!
There are queen sashes and vintage hats and flowers and books and all kinds of
FUN to share, but we'll end for today!
I probably won't share again until the second week of July.
I'm getting away for another little bit of summer fun, but I'll share more as soon as I return!


  1. Looks like sooooo much fun!! Love the crowns! Cathy Girls gone junkin

  2. It was such a good time! So good to see ya again. Was not everything great? Love this class, Dale is the best! Will look forward to seeing more pics.


  3. it must have been so fun. I love spending crafty time with friends, it's such a stress reliever.

  4. Oh Suzie, the tiaras and shadow boxes are so dreamy! What a lovely photo of Sarah H., too!

    I am sorting through things and found I have 5 of your wonderful Faithful Horses left from the swap.

    There is one I'd really, really like to keep to add to my herd, if you'll let me. I'll send them back to you--I just need you to email me your address. I sure enjoyed meeting you and I'm so glad you joined my swap.

    I took photos today of my herd, and will post them ASAP.

    Yours, Cathi of El Rancho Not So Grande

  5. Hi Susie! What fun we had, huh? LOVE my hat...thank you so much! I'm gonna do apost on it soon. I'll let you know when I do.

  6. I just knew that was going to be a fabulous event and, obviously based on your photos, it was!! So glad that you got to join the fun too...Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing what else you did while there...

  7. I wish I could have been there with you. What fun! Hugs to you and all the talented ladies! Anne