Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too Too (Cute) Tool Tuesday!

Good morning, friends! Today's tools aren't fancy, but they sure can make pretty!
I've been furiously crafting as much as I can, because I've (overcommitted) myself in the swap department for the Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat, and time is a-tickin' down to June 24th when we first get together to have the swap portion and I don't want to be cursing on the 23rd 'cause I'm not finished!
I'm using my wonderfully large clear rulers to help guide me on cutting...
and measuring down to size...

And after a lot of cutting...

Now, I'm trying to create up to 16 flowers!
The directions called for glue and clamping each petal
I need to finish, hot glue is easier, works, and if you're not sloppy was/is the best
solution to get 'er done!

Just a couple more views of these beauties...

The "Paris" piece is actually from Holland! We found the cutest bead store when we were there in 2007,
and i need to share because obviously I'm never going to use these pieces up and my craft room is overflowing!

Do you want to know how to make these too?
It's YOUR turn to show me your tools!


  1. Good morning Susie! Those flowers are so sweet, and I love the French bobble from Holland. The petals look very dainty, and very delicate...I would probably have it looking more like dirt clod by the time I was done, you are so talented! Marcia

  2. Hi Suzie, these are pretty. I like that they look like there is so much detail. All the cutting and gluing was worth it.

    I changed my blog address (used to be Chica Bella Crafts/Creations) I finally started blogging again. Come visit when you get a chance.