Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craft a little, snack a little!

There's nothing better than having both a delicious dessert and a creative afternoon, so I thought I'd quickly share a bit of both today.
Which one should we start with? Ok, I agree, we should start with dessert!
My friend Maria made this Martha Stewart Rainbow Cake for our friend Gail's birthday celebrations...
Didn't she pick just the perfect colors?!
It was delish!
Warning though: It was time intensive!
And just a new blog I found today that drew me in with it's title...
and simple, yet great videos such as this...
Iron-On Transfers w/ Lotta Jansdotter from Rowenta USA on Vimeo.
                                 So get out your iron and delve into a creative day!


  1. Oh my, what a scrumptious looking cake and it's just beautiful!


  2. This cake looks too pretty to eat but I bet it is delicious! Yummmy!

    Come visit me. I have an award for you and I am new at this award business. I truly enjoy you and your blog. You are one talented lady and I am so honored to know you sweet friend. Anne