Friday, August 13, 2010

Old-Fashioned Pink Saturday

My Mother was 85 years old when she passed on. She was an old-fashioned mother, even though the majority of my growing up years were in the 1970's, even then she was old-fashioned compared to other mothers.
One thing that imprinted this old-fashionedness on her was the fact that she ALWAYS wore a dress and ALWAYS wore an apron...
(this photo is before the 1970's though!)
I thought all Mothers wore dresses and aprons every day for a LONG TIME!
I thought all mothers packed their children's lunches, fed their husbands two egg breakfasts
and made homemade rolls and spaghetti for dinner...
When my Mother passed, I wasn't there when my sisters cleaned out our family home, but they did know that I would love the handmade, simple crafts they found...

A bag full of unfinished quilt pieces ready to be made into a warm quilt...
and also my sister found about 12 different old-fashioned girls stitched and put aside long ago,
just waiting to be made into a quilt...

The details are what captured my own old-fashioned girl within...

flowers and parasols...

I grew up also in a small country church where the women had gatherings
to quilt, to have country fairs and vacation bible schools.
It must be why, even though I'm far from old-fashioned, I feel
an affinity with the humbleness, the simplicity of a time
I never really knew...

I'm drawn to stories of women who create,
who knit, who quilt, who grew up on the prairie!
I just in fact finished this book...

I loved the history within the pages and the visual of sitting down with
needle, fabric and thread and creating something to warm their beds and to
create an heirloom!

I love the thriftiness of these "girls"
I've never decided what to do with them...
should they be in a quilt or framed individually?
What would you do with these treasures?

I hope you have a wonderful PINK SATURDAY
Maybe you can wrap up in a quilt handmade and handed down to you while
you visit all the Pink Saturday gals

I'd love too to hear what your heirlooms are, simple or grand
modern or old-fashioned!

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