Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink Saturday: Vintage Beauty

I need to remember today, Friday, in 2016. That is when on August 4th my driver’s license will expire. Why? So that I can renew BEFORE it expires online and not have to do what I did today…

Go to the dreaded local driver’s license bureau and wait in a line, first outside, then on one side of the room inside and then on the other line on the other side of the room for THREE hours in order to renew my DL!! A poor lady I chatted with said she had went at 7:15 a.m. and the line was out the door, down the sidewalk, around the corner and oh, out to the main road! So she went home and came back at 10 a.m. which is when I went too, and it was only to the first corner in front of the building, so I was LUCKY!

Anyhoo, that’s NOT what my vintage PINK SATURDAY is about! Ha,ha! But I’m seriously one who believes that if you have to suffer through days like this, that you deserve to TREAT yourself well doing something you LOVE after you finally escape!

So I went to McKinney, TX, to their historic downtown and went to antique shops, a sweet gelato shop, and a store I love with German glass glitter and a smorgasbord of utter beauties at Smitten!

In the antique store I found one of my weaknesses….

alip1                        Vintage papers, magazines, in this case, an April 1923 French magazine!

                                                             The stress began melting away!    

I opened it up very carefully to see the various stories, ads and this beautiful page…

abooklet5                                                A little pattern for the everyday seamstress…

                                                                            and a bonus…

abooklet3                                                       directions to make an organza flower for your jacket!

          Also lovely were the local announcements of marriages, and bragging rights too I’m sure!

abooklet1                I decided to drive up and down the local historical  neighborhood streets

                               to gaze at the beautiful Victorian style homes in McKinney

                                        and like any dreamer, I noted my favorite and looked it up online

                                              later in the evening.

I think that the gorgeous lady on the front of the magazine would have been right at home in this 1895 beauty…

ahome1a                          I know I was drooling when I saw the front foyer…

ahome2                                   there are just not enough adjectives to describe homes like these…

ahome3                                       It looks as if there is an original fireplace in every room!

 ahome5                                                      the floors, the windows, the built in originals

                                                   You’re ready to purchase, just as I am, aren’t you?!

                                                   Here’s the best, the kitchen and the bathroom is updated…

ahome6                                                                    Just one more peek….

ahome7                               ant the whole scoop? Here’s the listing  RIGHT HERE

                                     After drooling and considering a big move :>)

                             Please visit my Pink Saturday friend PEGGY AT PEGGY'S MIXED UP ART

                       I love her header on her blog! I can tell she’s a fun, creative blogger just from that!

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