Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Movin' on through the months!

Hi Friends! I had shared the beginnings of my calendar a couple posts ago and had ended with the thoughts of what March would look like and I thought I'd share my ongoing progress as I march through the months of the year for my new craft room calendar for 2011!
So I had been sharing the March to me is, of course, green! Then I realized how much I LOVE green (!!!) many, many shades of green, so that is where my inspiration came from for lovely March...

April (showers of course bring May flowers) so April is drizzly, unshaped, free flowing, so layering this effect came to life on my calendar....

May (flowers!) have arrived, right?! I went to my flower image files and created a puzzle collage effect and thought fresh, bright, growing!

June is of course the kick start for summer and I'm not sure why this idea came to me, but I was remembering a tween store in the mall that my daughter used to love and how I had admired their "tissue paper" wallpaper and I thought Yes! Plus a bit of glitter and birds just worked for me!

July gave me a chance to use the cuts-like-butter felt I just purchased from Joggles and am keeping on the backburner for my next projects, and the marina flags effect just was the right choice for July, don't you think so too?

Well, now we're up to the current month we're in right now, August... I had some cute (if I do say so myself!) gathered crepe paper I had in my long ago and far away Etsy shop way back, and I'm so glad it didn't sell, because it's setting up just perfectly for the beginnings of my vision for August!

I hope you've enjoyed my calendar pages! It's a great, easy-going project, you should make your own too!

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