Friday, August 27, 2010

A Miracle Indeed this Pink Saturday!

There ARE angels among us, and one of them is KELEE KATILLAC.  What strikes me about Kelee is she’s not an angel just because, but because she chooses to be. That makes her extra beautiful in my eyes!
Today here on PINK SATURDAY is  extra special as Kelee shares her wonderful gift of love and healing over at her blog as she created a healing space for a "sister of her heart” Colette Gauthier…
akelee1Please visit her today to read this inspiring story and to raise money for charity AND you can win great prizes too!
On this pink Saturday we are sharing INSPIRING stories! I instantly thought of the book series
“Chicken Soup for the Soul” and was drawn to the Chicken Soup book “Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul,” PERFECT for this celebration of life and of Colette!
This poem us for YOU, Colette….
                                                            ODE TO THE CHAMPIONS
                                                                 Who are these people --
                                                                 These doers of deeds,
                                                                 These dreamers of dreams
                                                                 Who make us believe?           akelee2                                                                  Who are these people
                                                                 Who still win the day --
                                                                 When the odds are against them
                                                                 And strength fades away?akelee3                                                                  These people are champions,
                                                                 For they never give in.
                                                                 A heart beats within them
                                                                 That is destined to win.akelee4                                                                  They follow their dreams
                                                                 Though the journey seems far,
                                                                 From the top of a mountain
                                                                 They reach out to a star.akelee5                                                                 And when they have touched it --
                                                                When their journey is done --
                                                                They give to us hope
                                                                From the victories they won.akelee6                                                                    So here’s to the champions --
                                                                   To all their great deeds.
                                                                    They follow their hearts
                                                                   And become winners indeed.
                                                                                                                            Tom Krause
      And just a little bit more inspiration via “Chicken Soup”….
                                           YOU CAN BEAT THE ODDS AND BE A WINNER, TOO
                                                    BURY HIM IN THE SNOWS OF VALLEY FORGE,
                                                         AND YOU HAVE A GEORGE WASHINGTON.
                                                          RAISE HIM IN ABJECT POVERTY AND
                                                            YOU HAVE AN ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
AGEO2                                                         SUBJECT HIM TO BITTER RELIGIOUS
                                                                PREJUDICE, AND YOU HAVE A
AGEO3                                                        SPIT ON HIM AND CRUCIFY HIM, AND
                                                                     YOU HAVE JESUS CHRIST.
                                                        LABEL HIM "TOO STUPID TO LEARN,"
                                                         AND YOU HAVE A THOMAS EDISON.
ABOY1                                                        TELL HER SHE'S TOO OLD TO START
                                                         PAINTING AT 80, AND YOU HAVE A
                                                                     GRANDMA MOSES.
ABOY2                                                      HAVE HIM OR HER BORN BLACK IN A
                                                               SOCIETY FILLED WITH RACIAL
                                                        DISCRIMINATION, AND YOU HAVE A
                                                BOOKER T. WASHINGTON, HARRIET TUBMAN,
                                      MARION ANDERSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER
                                                              OR MARTIN  LUTHER KING JR.
asave,jpg                                                          MAKE HIM THE FIFTH CHILD TO
                                                     SURVIVE IN A POOR ITALIAN FAMILY
                                                     OF 18 CHILDREN, AND YOU HAVE AN
                                                                          ENRICO CARUSO.
ABOY15                                                          AFFLICT HIM WITH PERIODS OF
                                                     DEPRESSION SO SEVERE THAT HE CUT
                                                        OFF HIS OWN EAR, AND YOU HAVE A
                                                                  VINCENT VAN GOGH.
ABOY16                                                             TELL HER IN THE LATE 1800s AND
                                                            EARLY 1900s THAT ONLY MEN CAN
                                                               BE SCIENTISTS, AND YOU HAVE A
                                                                                 MADAM CURIE,
                                                    WHO EVENTUALLY WON  TWO NOBEL PRIZES --
                                            ONE FOR  PHYSICS AND THE OTHER FOR CHEMISTRY.
ABOY17                                                              TELL A YOUNG BOY WHO LOVED TO
                                                         SKETCH AND DRAW THAT HE HAS NO
                                                    TALENT, AND YOU HAVE A WALT DISNEY.
aboy20                                                      TAKE A CRIPPLED CHILD WHOSE ONLY
                                                               HOME HE EVER KNEW WAS AN
                                                 ORPHANAGE, AND YOU HAVE A JAMES E. WEST
                                                                       WHO BECAME THE FIRST
                                              CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.
aboy21                                                              MAKE HIM A SECOND FIDDLE IN AN
                                                                      OBSCURE SOUTH AMERICAN
                                                                 ORCHESTRA, AND YOU HAVE A
                                                                                                                                            Abagail Van Buren

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