Friday, September 3, 2010

A Fall Pink Saturday?

Friends, I have to tell you that Texas had a blessing on Friday -- the weather was Fall-like! A slight breeze, no humidity, perfect beginning Fall-like temperatures! It made this Suzie Button so happy as it coincided with First Monday Trade Days in Canton! After the unbelievable heat just a month ago, it was such a gift!
So I pulled out my Canton cart...
with the C-U-T-E cart liner my daughter bought me last Christmas
from Canton, of course,  with...

One vendor said that's so cute,Suzie Button!
I was like, how did she know my name?!
I thought this Pink Saturday I'd share a few of the goodies I purchased...
One was a sand clock...

I work a lot of hours at my desk and I like to look at interesting
things around me while I work for entertainment...
This should entertain me!
It takes about 45 minutes to completely drain.
It's the simple things that give me the most pleasure!
I also saw these kids pencils, and I thought they'd be cute in a cute container
on my desk for, yes, entertainment!

I especially like Pocohontas!
Next was a very inexpensive but sweet journal...

A little French text will always capture my attention!

Even more so if there's a beautiful image on the inside...

And pages to fill with my imagination!
Next was one of my MUST visit every time shops
Cathy and Deidre are just so sweet and have so many one-of-a-kind treasures!
Love you girls!
Look at this ultra thin, too beautiful to walk by mirror...

I envision a bit of vintage music behind to enhance it and it on the fireplace mantel....
And they also had this wood flower bouquet that I envisioned for mixed media fun...

Isn't it pretty?!
I have just one more pretty to share this Pink Saturday, even though there is more...
and it's this vintage post office box front...

It was in the more flea market section and was only $10.00!
I should have bought all three, shouldn't I?
Isn't it beautiful!
The lady said she thinks a locksmith could actually look at the back with the combination lock
and figure out the combination and then I could OPEN THE DOOR!
Isn't that awesome?!!
Well, there are several more things but I'm just dead tired!
A fantastic trip in perfect weather!
A great start to the weekend!
Please visit Kathy too this Pink Saturday at
I was gazing at her HUGE shingled house she has her hubby painting
and was just amazed tonight!
Hopefully she'll be participating this weekend...
I'm not sure with all the painting to be done!
Smiles and Love to You all!

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