Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treasures found

Good morning, Friends! I thought I'd share a few of the goodies I had found recently with you...
I found this gorgeous (perfect for Halloween decorating, BTW!)in a McKinney, TX, antique store a couple weeks ago...
Isn't it pretty?! And I got it for only $35.00!!
It's not perfect, some trim is missing, but it makes it better to me!
I am not sure if I like its reflection of my craft closet though!
It reminds me I need to get the closet door back on!
Next, I have found I have a weakness for printer trays too!
I found this one in a Waxahachie, TX, antique store for, yes, $10.00!!

I love to put my Martha Stewart glitter in the cubbies and little treasures!
And then I found this gorgeous birdcage at Tuesday Morning...

for $29.99. I know it might seem a bit high, but it's really fantastic!
Perfect for the bird I made at the Gilded Life Art Retreat!
I think Miss Birdie though needs a tufted seat to rise her up a bit in her
gilded cage...
I feel another project coming on!
Happy Wednesday!

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