Friday, September 17, 2010

I am Calm, very Calm, this Pink Saturday! AND A GIVEAWAY TOO!!

I thought EVERYONE knew all about the craze for the "Keep Calm and..." series of posters and whatnots on the market and for sale on sites like Etsy like, for example, HERE where you can buy the iconic poster that started it all.
Do you know the history on this phrase?
Here it is...

and an original view...

Well, my daughter wanted a few to decorate her home
and so, of course, so did I!
So I made my own!
Here is my fun display this .PINK SATURDAY...

I spent all day thinking keep calm and..... ????
Here is a close-up for the last two so you can see them better...


I love them! Do you too?
Ok, then I think you NEED YOUR OWN!
And I'd love to give you your own set of FOUR!!!
You can choose whatever you'd like them to say...
here are more ideas i made up but haven't framed as of yet...

Sugar is a given, isn't it?
And the next is for my job as a broadcast captioner...

Also, did you know I LOVE Starbucks?!
I do!

Here's the scoop!
The GIVEAWAY is open to Saturday, October 2
Just leave a comment for one entry
Link to my blog with a mention on your sidebar or posting and get another entry
Please link the giveaway back to my giveaway.
That's it!

                                          YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT THE FOUR TO SAY
                                             MAKE SURE I HAVE A WAY TO CONTACT YOU TO SEE
                                                WHAT YOU'D LIKE YOUR FOUR TO SAY!
                                                        GOOD LUCK!
                              p.s. the frames aren't included but i got mine at Hobby Lobby at 50% off!
              And there's no reason I threw in Snoopy here, I just love him ever since I was like 5 years old!
       Please take time to visit my lovely Pink Saturday friend Sue at COLLECT IN TEXAS

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