Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Turquoise Craft Assistant

There is NEVER enough storage or room for all of our crafty products, are there?!
I found a sweet little cart at the flea market that called to me from across the aisle saying,
Suzie, Suzie, here I am! Your assistant is OVER HERE!
This sweetie wasn't as pretty then as she is now though...
She was a bit dirty, a bit rusty, and white...
but lovely daughter Megan cleaned her up and she's my
spray paint queen!
Thanks, Megan!
I have her nearby to hold that bothersome goodie that is in my way on the desk
and to hold the whole kaboodle of paints, glitters and inks...

Yep, that's my Mandala artwork there that I'm working on!
Oh, and super sweet...

She closes up nice and thin!
OOPS! Megan forgot to spray her there.
Oh, well, it's a bit of the character of who she was before her re-do!

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