Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did you say PUMPKIN?!!

I'm a pumpkin-a-holic. Yes, I really am! As soon as late September, the first of October hits, I immediately think I want Pumpkin... pumpkin pie, bars, breads, cookies, fluff, yes, anything made with pumpkin!
I began this year's obsession for pumpkin off by buying a new pumpkin pie dish from Martha Stewarts collection at Macy's...
I love it! It's just deep enough that you don't have that "little bit" of batter left over that can't fit in the pie pan!
I also got her crust edge cover to keep overbrowning from occurring, love that too!
I had pumpkin pie last week, this week it's other yummies from this magazine..

Yes, lots of wonderful pumpkin recipes in this baby!
I began today with Pumpkin Yeast Bread...

I love the ease of using my bread machine, but the homemade recipe to make it special!
Can you say YUMMY as the smell permeated my house?!!
I grabbed my favorite fall mug just 'cause...

and slathered it's not gonna kill you like real butter on top (ha!)
of this beautiful loaf...

DELISH!! You must try it too!
I've scoped out some other pumpkin recipes for next week already...

Like these Pretty Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns!!
Yikes! No calorie counting when I make these babies, huh?!
Yes, it's definitely Fall and I'm basking in it!

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