Friday, October 8, 2010

Pink Saturday Squeals, SQUEALS!

Hi, My PINK SATURDAY friends! I thought I'd show a short little video clip of my PINK granddaughter Madison on Friday having fun with our dog, Ollie.
Ollie is the exact age as Madison, they were born a day apart, and they both have a LOT of energy!
She sure is FUN to have in my life and I feel so blessed every day whether it's seeing her or just thinking of her!
Please visit our Pink Saturday blogger at Fairytales and Grace today! Such a beautiful blog and family!
I thought I'd add on to this posting. My daughter took Madison for Halloween pictures this afternoon. Even with a nap, Madison decided she wasn't in the mood. Can you say, almost a 2 year old?! So funny!
this is an example of what Madison felt like today while posing with her BFF...

Love it!

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