Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recipe Potholder Tutorial

Hi, Friends! You may remember this recipe I posted the other day...
Well, I had a recipe swap at the recent Gilded Life event I attended and I decided to make my recipe into a potholder!
Here's the lovely Heather Ales loving it!
I thought I'd share this simple and cute potholder tutorial so you can make one or several as gifts too!
(HINT: The recipient would LOVE it with a piece of the cake too!)
First, please right click and save my picture.
Pull it up on your computer.
I chose to print it as a 5 by 7 inch size...
And I unchecked on the printer choices "print single photo per page."
This way I can print two on one sheet!
At this point, I should talk about the printer paper you could choose.
There are many in the stores, but I choose June Tailor Colorfast Sew-In Inkjet Fabric Sheets
as I knew the brand was high quality and the printing results were fantastic, nice and crisp whites against the colors!

Make sure you let the ink dry and then follow the package instructions to iron it, rinse it, and iron it again!

Now you're ready to stitch!
I used a seam allowance of about 1/4 inch for the project.
Choose your border fabric.
I cute each strip 2 inches wide.
Start with the side pieces and cut two strips and sew them right sides together on each side.

Iron the seams flat and then measure and cut two strips for the top and bottom edge.
Sew them on and then iron it nice and neat.

Repeat for the top and bottom strips.
You might as well go ahead and cut out the handle too at this point, It is 1 3/4inches wide and 5 inches long.
Fold the hanger strip in half and iron. Open out and fold each long raw edge toward the center fold..

Fold lengthwise up to the center fold and press.
Fold in half and press and set aside for now.

Next we'll add in the batting, I used a double middleweight batting to make it cushy,
It may be a bit wasteful, but I just left enough on the sides to make it simple and then you use your widest
stitch to attach it to the top piece...
trim even.

Now it looks like this!

Simple, right?!
Lay your piece on top of your backing fabric, with the backing fabric having the WRONG side facing up...

There is an inch needed around the entire piece. I used my ruler to just easily measure and mark and cut out

You will need to make mitered corners, and I'm not the expert or the best with this, but here is a link for you on mitered corners
Pin all the way around, adding in the hanger on the corner.
Stitch carefully and turning in neatly as you go, and simply stitch around and there you go!
A sweet gift, literally!

There are special instructions for the machine washing of this potholder and here is my tag I made which you can copy also!
I'm thinking to make another potholder with a picture of my grandbaby in it for myself and my daughter too!

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