Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shirts for Japan

Here's my shirt!

I had quit blogging but feel inspired to come back to be sure to link up and say how awesome this project was with the shirts for Japan!
I'm thinking of beginning blogging again now that Spring has hit my doorstep too!
I truly loved sewing along with 3 Punk Mom to create my shirt!
A beautiful shirt for a great cause!


  1. Hi Suzie - This really is a great cause - what an adorable shirt - this is a true creation for a worthy cause! Love the colors that you used - great job!

    Thanks for your visit AND for posting about my give away. I appreciate you so so much. Fingers crossed for you to win - (either the nest or the embroidered towel!)

    Happy Spring~

  2. I have missed you! This is so wonderful what you did. My co worker is a native of Japan. She is blessed as her parents and brother and his family are fine. But many are not. I pray for them and thank wonderful talented people like you for helping. I am so glad you are here. Have a great weekend! Anne