Friday, November 12, 2010

Still in the same place Pink Saturday

I'm a bit lazy this weekend and reminiscing too of where I was on 11/13/2009 and where I am this 11/13/2010 and my heart is still in the same pink place! So i thought I'd share last year's Pink Saturday post with you this year!
What a wonderful combination, don't you agree, Pink (Saturday) and the Holiday Season! So we need to have a PINK...

We don't need a lot of fancy supplies, and the directions can be simple, such as making this momento memory box for a mother or a grandmother, wouldn't it be lovely?!

You probably have all these supplies in your scrapbook drawer right now!

I am an old-fashioned soul at heart, I never tire of the beauty of the floral hankie look, it's just so beautiful! And this would be a special gift for any vintage soul!

And I've wanted to make this for over a YEAR, and am still in love with it! You can see this really would be simple to construct!

We're NOT finished crafting on this PINK Saturday, friends, but I want to give thanks and credit for the above crafty ideas where it's due...

Oh, no there's more beauties to craft today...

I love this sweet angel doll!

This little sweet fabric frame would be wonderful with a print inside, maybe even add a touch of glitter to set it off!

I know a little girl in my life that would LOVE this soft PINK crown!

And wouldn't these be wonderful on Christmas morning?!

Again, thanks for your beautiful inspiration...

We can't end our craft day without a little bit of sweets, could we?!

And these BEAUTIES fit right into the plan of having FUN!

And a bucket full of sweet cookies! Well, you shouldn't have.

I really should have this angel food cake, I am on a diet, after all!


And thank you to our lovely PINK host Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

and Happy Pink Saturday!

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