Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday Crafting Frenzy!

Hi Friends! I am still dealing with the Reindeer I shared a week and a bit ago, but it's progressing...

Hopefully soon I'll have something pretty to show you finished in the deer catagory!
In the meantime, as the glue and glitter dries there, I've worked on my Red Lead garland swap and finished it up (can you say YIPPEE?!!) and plan to mail it off tomorrow!
I decided to use their Round archway chipboard as the background as I had a vision of doors opening on Christmasy scenes!
I was pleased with the results...

and open the windows...

I used images from my vintage Christmas cards to make all of these
I KNEW one day they'd come in handy!
Knock, Knock!

Who's there?

And my third was an ornament...

I'm now working on pure cuteness tags for Elizabeth's Creative Breathing
and a few other goodies that I'm hoping to accomplish too!
What are you making this year for the Holidays?

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