Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is it Christmas Countdown yet?!!

I sure cannot handle to see the actual number of, not days before Christmas, but CRAFTING days left until Christmas at this point! Can you?!
There is never enough time to accomplish all our creative, crafty minds and hearts desire to create is there?
I've been seeing red, red glitter...
I had a vision of this reindeer, glitter and all, and when I have a craft as a vision, I don't fight it, I just make it.
So there are glittered reindeer and reindeer in different stages of metamorphism...

During the prepping for this project I came upon some treasured vintage wrapping paper, just a bit thinner than tissue paper and just delightful..

There's only one sheet, I'm not sure if I can get myself to use it!
Do you have the same issues?
While the reindeer dry, consider the next steps of their journey, I decided to start looking
through some of my vintage cards in preparation for CUTENESS for a holiday swap and I came across
a scrapbook I inherited from my mother-in-law from HER childhood...

My much loved mother-in-law.
It began with her birth cards in 1938 and ended in 1951.
I treasure it!
Full of birth, birthday, valentine's day, and Christmas cards.
I just adored her.
Of course that set off a few tears as my heart realized how much I still miss her,
oh, so much!
Here are a few beauties found within...

Look at the shine of the vintage glitter!

So sweet.

And another...

and to make this card extra special you only needed to open it!

3-D vintage style!
The best in my opinion!
Have a 'Terrific Tuesday' everyone!

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