Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm an Idea Junkie!

Hi friends! I love ideas of things to make, places to go, ways to decorate! I think that's why blogging appeals so much to me, it is chock FULL of all of these things!
I now think I'm a blog addict, there are so many wonderful ideas and people out there blogging and it's so much FUN to drop in on all the gorgeous blogs!
Isn't this outfit just the cutest?! Just another wonderful sewing idea I just immediately went oh, I'll HAVE to make this for my granddaughter Madison! Look at that skirt!! This great pattern set is over at You Can Make This, one of my favorite sites to peruse for sewing/crafting ideas!
and the matching newsboy cap! Gorgeous!
I've been adding LOTS more of my favorite blogs on my sidebar this week, so scroll down and feed your idea, pretty things, great people, simply marvelous addiction too!


  1. I so agree with you, searching blogland you find the best this post. Thank you for the ideas.


  2. Not to mention how fun it is to meet some of your blogger friends in person!