Friday, July 10, 2009

Pink Pretty Saturday!

Yoo-hoo! It's PINK SATURDAY WITH BEVERLY again! I LOVE Pink Saturdays, you too?!
I try to stop myself from focusing continuously on my granddaughter Miss Madison but she's SO irresistible, ESPECIALLY in pink!
Madison asks my Pink Saturday friends...
Does this flower make my head look big?!!
And do you think I have a double chin?!
I think I'm cute as a button in my new baby leg warmers!
Here's a close-up of my new bow my Mommy made me, I'm partial to flowers!
Here's a good shot of my leg warmers, let me know if you want to know where I shop, I'm sure my Grandma Suzie Button will tell you!
Here I am in the same outfit midday but Mommy wanted to see how my newest bow would look, so I said, ok, let's see if it matches my outfit!
And see how BIG I'm getting?!
Mommy and Grandma put me in this HUGE year old outfit every month and take my picture in my moses basket so they can frame them through the first year to show me growing into my pretty pink outfit, now I'm 3 months, I'm getting SO big!
Month One
Month Two
Month Three
Happy Pink Saturday, friends!


  1. Ohhh my goodness what a darling thing!

    The adornments are such fun with little girls. Looks to mee that there is a ton of kissin going round at your homes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  2. EEEEEeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk too adorable. No no no, your little soft head is just adorable. And I like you with all your collection of headbands :-)

    Hhhmmm only 3 months and the dress is almost on its way to be a really good fit. You're growing real fast dearie :-)

    Oh there's no doubt you bring so much joy to the people that surrounds you.

    Happy Pink Saturday! and thanks for sharing these cute photos of Madison.

  3. Oh what a CUTIE Madison is!!! I want that pink and black dot bow!!! HaPpY PiNk SaTuRdAy! Hugs, Marsha

  4. It's great to have grandchildren, especially girls!! They looks so adorable with cutie flowers and dots and all of the fun girlie things dress up goodies!!
    Have fun this Pink SAturday!!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  5. Happy Pink Saturday. Oh, she is the cutest ever, and it is so much fun dressing up baby girls. I love the headbands, and I think the first one is gorgeous.

    Thank you for sharing your joy.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  6. Your blog is always so sweet and pink on Saturday! Thanks so much for sharing this week☺

    Ooooo, the leg warmers...just too cute and what's better than a little, pink baby!

    Hope the sun is shining in your corner of the world and that your weekend is filled with happiness surrounded by everyone you l♥ve.

  7. Madison, I think you are just perfect in every way. And your headbands adorned with flowers/bows are very adorable.

    You are growing much too fast. Sooner than anyone thinks, your cute pink outfit will be a perfect fit.

    Best Wishes,

    PS, I love your name.....My oldest granddaughter is a Madison, as well.

  8. Hi Susie
    Unfortunately no pictures popped up for me. Sorry. I can see by the squeals of delight that I missed something special.
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  9. Happy Pink Saturday!

    So very cute!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  10. What a sweetie Miss Madison is!Adorable!
    Lovely post! Happy Pink Saturday!
    Mary :)

  11. OMGOSH! They grow too fast! She is beautiful! Happy PS!

  12. Happy Pink Saturday, Suzie! She is getting more darling everyday! Her little flower headbands are so adorable. What a great idea to take the same outfit and show the growth progression! LOL @ double chin! Love your funny commentary with the darling photos! You have every reason to be proud of Miss Madison! She's so precious!

    Happy weekend!


  13. Oh Susie! This post is just precious. Honey I love those bows on her little headbands, they just look so cute. Starting out early like this she will always let you fix her hair and wear things in her hair without bothering them. She will know no different. I love her moses basket also. Just a beautiful post. Please stop by and say hi. I love to hear from my PS friends. Country Hugs, Sherry

  14. Madison is adorable in pink! Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. She is a cute as a button...........even cuter. Happy Pink Saturday,

  16. Oh YES....I can see why you'd want to have your little darlin' on your blog frequently....she's just adorable.


  17. You are the winner of the pink stars!!! Email me through my blog, with your address. You can choose the little ones with strings (about 10) or the little ones with jewelry (about 5) or the big ones with jewelry (about 4). I'm sorry I can't remember exactly how many are in a bag. The ones with "jewelry" are more fragile and the wire makes them a bit wobbly. You may tape it or glue it if you like. I don't because...I don't know. :-) Contact me and congratulations. Eleven more days in the follower throwdown with a different giveaway each day.

  18. She is just so so darling!!!!
    Love her outfits and expressions!!!
    She's a lucky girl to have a grandmom to sew for her!!!

  19. Cute as a button, what can I say, Suzie Button! Happy Pink Saturday.

    By the way, I saw your comment on Nancy's blog, La Chambre Rose, and you need my link for the tag cloud:

    This is how I did mine and how Nancy did hers (from my post). As far as I know, the link I have given is the clearest and most foolproof way to do it. If you get stuck, just shout.

  20. Hi Suzie! I think if I had a little Miss Madison I would be totally enthralled with her and get nothing else much done than hold and smooch on her. She is such a cutie! Twyla

  21. Oh Suzie! ANOTHER pink princess! The web is blooming with them today!

    I am throwing my 100th Blog post party today and in celebration am running 5 give-aways. Please be sure to stop on by! I'd love to have you! I will leave the post up until Wednesday and conduct the drawings next Friday in time for Pink Saturday!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. she's adorable! sweet faces..

    I am late for my PS round.. I'm wishing you a great week!